Advisory Committee

Our Advisory Committee provides specialised knowledge across many areas of our work. It is dedicated to identifying, validating and promoting best practices for the foundation. It includes climate scientists, branding experts, market researchers, local government expertise, senior music industry executives, strategists, and behaviour change experts.

Mike Mathieson
Mike Mathieson is co-founder and CEO of Cake, a creative communications & brand entertainment company with clients as diverse as Ben & Jerry’s, Motorola, Agent Provocateur, Penguin Books and Unilever.

Mike started his career in the Music Industry working for amongst others Island Records, later becoming Head of Public Relations at Polydor and founding his own Public Relations company “For Further Information” (FFI) in 1997, representing the likes of the Manic Street Preachers, Ocean Colour Scene, The Verve, Levi’s, Dr. Martens and Evian.

Mike’s passion for environmental issues has led Cake to actively engage in campaigns for environmental organisations including WWF, Greenpeace and The Prince’s Rainforest Project.

Professor Mark Maslin
Professor Mark Maslin is Head of the Department of Geography, University College London and the Director of the UCL Environment Institute. Mark is a leading climatologist with particular expertise in past global and regional climatic change and has published over 75 papers in journals such as Science, Nature, Geology, GRL, QSR, JHE and Paleoceanography. He has been awarded grants of over £3 million, twelve of them by NERC. His latest co-authored paper in Science provides a new view on the causes of human evolution. His areas of scientific expertise include global warming, causes of past and future global climate change, ocean circulation, ice ages, gas hydrates, Amazonia, East Africa palaeoclimates and human evolution and climatic consequences of volcanic eruptions.

In addition he has also have written five popular books, over 20 popular articles (e.g., for New Scientist, Guardian, and EOS), appeared on radio, television and been consulted regularly by the BBC. He was a consultant and filmed for the BBC’s highly successful Supervolcano (shown 14th March 2005) and is currently consulting for their follow up series Superstorm. His latest popular book is the high successful Oxford University Press “Global Warming: A Very Short Introduction”. This is a pocket sized book which provides a summary of the historical background, scientific debate, future impacts and the politics of global warming.

Chris Rose
Chris is a Director of Campaign Strategy Ltd. His clients include the Environment Agency, Natural England, National Trust, Greenpeace International, the Cabinet Office, Unilever, WWF International, UNICEF, Amnesty International, BP, and the BBC, to name but a few.

Previously Chris was Deputy Executive and Programme Director of Greenpeace UK and Strategic Adviser to Greenpeace International. While at Greenpeace he devised a new organisational strategy including market-based solutions campaigning, and was joint leader of the Brent Spar campaign.

Amongst his many credits, Chris is author of ‘The Turning of the Spar’ (Greenpeace 1998) ‘The Dirty Man of Europe’ (Simon & Schuster) and co-author of ‘Conservation and Crisis’ (Pelican).

Pat Dade
Pat Dade is an internationally recognised expert on human motivations and their applications to communications and behaviour change programmes. He is a founding director of Cultural Dynamics Strategy and Marketing, which conducts numerous studies every year into the changing values, beliefs and motivations of national populations. The basic research has been conducted for over thirty years in the United Kingdom. Over forty other countries have been surveyed in this time. Pat’s work is based on a deep understanding how organisational forms impact on individual psychological structures, and vice versa. Hundreds of clients have benefited from his approaches and programmes, including Unilever, Hewlett Packard, Cisco Systems, Greenpeace, Shell, McKinsey&Co., and Arsenal Football Club.

Alison Tickell
Alison set up Julie’s Bicycle in April 2007. Julie’s Bicycle is a coalition of industry, science and energy experts who are working to create a low carbon future for the music, and creative industries. Before that she led the music consultation for the National Skills Academy, was the Music Director at Creative and Cultural Skills (which she helped set up) and prior to this had spent fifteen years developing the community music sector at Community Music.

Alison trained as a musician and teacher. Her advisory roles have included the Live Music Forum, Music Manifesto Steering Group, and the Music Business Forum. She is on the Board of Sound Connections.

Steve Machin
Steve has extensive experience of the live music industry, and an unrivalled network of contacts, having previously been Head of Music Services for Ticketmaster Europe and Vice President for International Business Development for Live Nation’s Ultrastar fan-club business.

Steve is currently CEO of Tixdaq, the ticket comparison website, where he is focusing on building an integrated online service for music, sport and theatre fans.

Juhi Shareef
Juhi Shareef joined Arup’s Sustainability Consulting team in June 2006. Her primary interest is sustainability in the events and creative/cultural industries, including music, theatre, film and design.

As a Sustainability Consultant at Arup, Juhi helped develop the British Standard on Sustainable Event Management (BS 8901:2007), trialling BS 8901 at Live Earth UK. For Global Cool in 2007, she carbon footprinted the Concert for Diana at Wembley Stadium. Juhi has contributed to the London Mayor’s Climate Change Action Plans for theatre, music and film and currently sits on the Steering Committee to reduce carbon emissions for the theatre sector. She is currently doing sustainable event management for the Welsh Rugby Union including carbon footprinting the Wales-Ireland Six Nations game, and is developing a sustainability management system for film production at a planned film studio in the U.S.

As a freelance Project Manager for sustainability / media projects, Juhi’s clients included Channel 4, the Department of Health and the Home Office. Juhi also produced an event on Web 2.0 for not-for-profits and technology companies at the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) and more recently, a sustainability workshop for the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) at the Tate Modern.

Bryony Boyle
A sustainable development professional with experience working in the private, public and third sector, Bryony is currently a project manager at the Thames Gateway Institute for Sustainability, an independent charity set up as an international centre of excellence for research, demonstration, and sharing of best practice in delivering sustainability.

Previously at the Greater London Authority, Bryony led the development and delivery of the London Sustainable Development Commission’s London Leaders programme, a pioneering project bringing together sustainability leaders from across London’s sectors to deliver aspirational sustainability practice to inspire and catalyse change.

Simon Retallack
Simon is former head of ippr’s Climate Change team, where he oversaw ippr’s Low Carbon Programme. Now working on strategy at the Carbon Trust, he specialises in climate change policy and has written about most of the world’s other major environmental problems. Simon was named one of the New Statesman’s ‘Best of young British’ in 2001 and in 2007 was named one of the UK’s ‘most influential people under 40’ by Harper’s Bazaar magazine.

He is the author of ippr’s 2005 report on Setting a Long Term Climate Objective, co-author of ippr’s 2006 report Trading Up: reforming the EU Emissions Trading Scheme and co-author of ippr’s 2007 report Positive Energy: harnessing people power to prevent climate change.

Simon has a wealth of experience in both broadcast and print media and his previous work experience includes being the lead researcher for the International Climate Change Taskforce; Co-Director of the Climate Initatives Fund; Commissioning Editor, The Ecologist; Managing Editor, The Ecologist Special Issues and a Visiting Fellow at the International Forum on Globalization, San Francisco.

Mike Ormond
Mike has 20 years experience in the IT industry working for companies such as Mars, Mercury Interactive and, most recently, Microsoft. Trained as a developer, he joined Microsoft in 1997 to help manage their UK developer support operations.

He now works in the Developer and Platform Group, helping others understand and appreciate the breadth, depth and capabilities of Microsoft’s development tools and platform. He has a strong interest in Green IT.

Richard Rawlinson
Richard joined Booz & Company in 2004. He began his professional career as a merchant banker but has also spent time as an academic on the staff of Harvard Business School as well as working for Monitor Company developing its international business.

At Booz & Company Richard has clients in both the commercial and public sector, across an amazing range of issues. His favourite projects are those that require figuring out how consumers around the world respond to food, health and wellness concerns, and how clients can adapt their business.

Amy Sample-Ward
Amy is an expert on how non profit organisations can use social media technologies. She is the Global Community Builder for NetSquared and in 2009 was commissioned by NESTA to co-author ‘Social by Social’, a handbook in using social technologies for social impact.

She is passionate about supporting and educating organisations, community groups and local governments and the wider social change sector about evolving new media technologies that can cultivate and engage communities.

Amy has also worked in private philanthropy, advocacy non profit organisations, web design companies and as a consultant. She has spoken at many conferences and workshops and currently organises London Net Tuesday events, monthly events for those interested in the intersection of social technologies and social change in communities.

Dr. Jack Kreindler
Dr. Jack Kreindler is an expert in medical behaviour change. He founded the Centre for Health and Human Performance, a multi-disciplinary team of specialists working together for the health and well-being of their clients. The centre’s focus is on the individual, taking them on a holistic journey of assessment, diagnosis, and treatments.

Jack has also founded various technology businesses, including Blueorange. Blueorange develops and licences conceptual frameworks and methodologies for commercial, public sector and charitable uses in areas such as information technology, insurance, medicine, health behaviour and behavioural change.

Professor Hugh Montgomery
Professor Hugh Montgomery is a remarkable polymath. In addition to being an intensive care consultant at University College Hospital London and a director of the UCL Institute of Human Health and Performance, he is also an award-winning children’s author and is a founding member of the UK Climate and Health Council.

His many accomplishments include discovering the first gene for human fitness, being a high-altitude mountaineer, his involvement in raising the Mary Rose and gave the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures.

Hugh established Project Genie “…to try to create rapid, meaningful and sustained reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.” He was made a London Leader by the Greater London Authority, a programme to catalyse change to solve the capital’s ingrained problems.

Our Campaigns

Global CoolGlobal Cool - a green lifestyle movement that works with the entertainment and media industries to inspire people to think differently about sustainable lifestyles

Projects We Support

Project GenieProject Genie - a programme that tackles climate change through children, based on the belief that children are one of the quickest routes to changing behaviours

Solar AidSolar Power in Africa - supporting the roll-out of solar technology in Zambia to give communities and households access to clean and renewable energy

Praise for the Global Cool Campaign

Boris Johnson"This is a fantastic organization working to help people find ways to save energy and be greener without sacrificing the things they enjoy.'" - Boris Johnson, Mayor of London

Ed Miliband"Global Cool does a great job" - Ed Miliband MP, Leader of the Labour Party and former Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change

Dame Suzi Leather"Global Cool is tackling one of the most important challenges facing humanity. What Global Cool is doing is brilliant" - Dame Suzi Leather, Chair, Charity Commission

Stephen Fry"I need guidance. I really want to do well, but I honestly don't know how to do well unless somebody tells me.... and that's where Global Cool has a future" - Stephen Fry, British Actor

Sarah Teacher"Global Cool is such an energizing idea and non-profit... and incredibly impressively communicated and shared" - Sarah Teacher, Institute for Philanthropy

Ellie Stringer“Global Cool uses extensive market research to make carbon - saving cool rather than boring. And so has an influence beyond the usual Guardian-reading liberals. I’m impressed." - Ellie Stringer, New Philanthropy Capital

Emma Harris"We really value our relationship with Global Cool. Their campaign to promote ‘Traincations’ was highly imaginative and in terms of positioning they are a great brand fit for us" - Emma Harris, Director of Sales & Marketing, Eurostar

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