Target Market

Global Cool’s approach is based on research by the Institute for Public Policy Research (ippr) and market researchers Cultural Dynamics. Global Cool targets the segment of the UK population which can most rapidly initiate changes in mainstream consumer behaviour – a group known as ‘Now People’.

“If lower carbon behaviour is to be made mainstream, communications urging behaviour change among the public to address climate change should be aimed at society’s trendsetters – the Now People.” – The Institute for Public Policy Research

“Gaining the support of Now People is crucial in any campaign. Sadly, few campaigns resonate for Now People… most get put in the ‘not yet’, ‘too worthy’ ‘too dull’ and ‘too complicated’ boxes. Global Cool – this is how Now People think. Note how different [it] is from most campaigns.” – Campaign Strategy, 2009

Now People are sociable, high-energy risk-takers who look for the flashy and intense – they are interested in going out, having a good time, shopping and visible symbols of success. Their desire for the approval of others and concern about how others view them drives their interest in glamour, fashion, celebrity and status. They are normally (though not exclusively) aged 18-40.

Research shows that Now People know that they should be doing something about climate change and feel anxious about this. But they don’t know what to do, and communications from government and environment groups don’t connect with them. Many climate campaigns are based on appeals to do what is ‘right’, which don’t resonate with Now People who are not driven by morality and hate being made to feel guilty or to give things up.

The report by ippr, ‘Consumer Power: How the public thinks lower-carbon behaviour could be made mainstream’ found that 30% of the population are currently not engaged with climate change communications and therefore not reducing their carbon footprint. For these people “climate change communications, products and policies have failed… leaving them unengaged or ‘switched off’ from the issues”. Without engaging this segment in climate-friendly behaviour it will be impossible for the UK to reach its emissions reduction target.

In the UK, Global Cool is the only organisation which specifically targets this key segment to engage in climate-friendly behaviours, having developed our approach by working closely with the authors of and contributors to ippr’s research.

You can download the ippr report, ‘Consumer Power: How the Public thinks lower-carbon behaviour could be made mainstream’, here

Our Campaigns

Global CoolGlobal Cool - a green lifestyle movement that works with the entertainment and media industries to inspire people to think differently about sustainable lifestyles

Projects We Support

Project GenieProject Genie - a programme that tackles climate change through children, based on the belief that children are one of the quickest routes to changing behaviours

Solar AidSolar Power in Africa - supporting the roll-out of solar technology in Zambia to give communities and households access to clean and renewable energy

Praise for the Global Cool Campaign

Boris Johnson"This is a fantastic organization working to help people find ways to save energy and be greener without sacrificing the things they enjoy.'" - Boris Johnson, Mayor of London

Ed Miliband"Global Cool does a great job" - Ed Miliband MP, Leader of the Labour Party and former Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change

Dame Suzi Leather"Global Cool is tackling one of the most important challenges facing humanity. What Global Cool is doing is brilliant" - Dame Suzi Leather, Chair, Charity Commission

Stephen Fry"I need guidance. I really want to do well, but I honestly don't know how to do well unless somebody tells me.... and that's where Global Cool has a future" - Stephen Fry, British Actor

Sarah Teacher"Global Cool is such an energizing idea and non-profit... and incredibly impressively communicated and shared" - Sarah Teacher, Institute for Philanthropy

Ellie Stringer“Global Cool uses extensive market research to make carbon - saving cool rather than boring. And so has an influence beyond the usual Guardian-reading liberals. I’m impressed." - Ellie Stringer, New Philanthropy Capital

Emma Harris"We really value our relationship with Global Cool. Their campaign to promote ‘Traincations’ was highly imaginative and in terms of positioning they are a great brand fit for us" - Emma Harris, Director of Sales & Marketing, Eurostar

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