Objectives & Approach

Global Cool is a green lifestyle campaign that inspires people to make sustainable lifestyle choices.

Global Cool aims to decrease carbon emissions significantly by inspiring and enabling individuals to reduce their carbon footprints. Unlike many environmental and climate campaigns, we don’t presuppose that people are interested in carbon, climate or the environment. Instead, we just ‘sell’ green options by making them appealing. We use things like social networking, film, fashion, music, entertainment to reach and inspire people to change.

It’s a full-on marketing approach: we don’t talk about our agenda, rather we talk about what the ‘customer’ cares about – precisely as commercial marketing does.

Global Cool targets society’s trend-setters, in order to get the fastest possible take-up of low-carbon behaviours. Find out more about our target market here

Global Cool focuses on the largest sources of carbon emissions which individuals can control. These are: energy use at home, driving, flying and the carbon embedded in consumer products. We run campaigns around low-carbon alternatives in each of these four areas. Find out more about the behaviours we target here

Each campaign promotes one low-carbon option by:

  1. Making it cool – highlighting the benefits to the individual e.g. that the views/drinks/internet coverage is much better on international trains than on aeroplanes; all the musical inspiration and quirky stories that come from travelling on trains and buses (whereas none do from driving); that clothes-swapping parties are fun and you get free clothes!
  2. Making it easy – here we often work with partners, e.g. Eurostar and ManinSeat61.com to show how to book flight-free holidays; the Department of Transport to provide a public transport journey planner

Find out more about the activities and campaigns we run here

Our Campaigns

Global CoolGlobal Cool - a green lifestyle movement that works with the entertainment and media industries to inspire people to think differently about sustainable lifestyles

Projects We Support

Project GenieProject Genie - a programme that tackles climate change through children, based on the belief that children are one of the quickest routes to changing behaviours

Solar AidSolar Power in Africa - supporting the roll-out of solar technology in Zambia to give communities and households access to clean and renewable energy

Praise for the Global Cool Campaign

Ed Miliband"Global Cool does a great job" - Ed Miliband MP, Then Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change

Dame Suzi Leather"Global Cool is tackling one of the most important challenges facing humanity. What Global Cool is doing is brilliant" - Dame Suzi Leather, Chair, Charity Commission

Stephen Fry"I need guidance. I really want to do well, but I honestly don't know how to do well unless somebody tells me.... and that's where Global Cool has a future" - Stephen Fry, British Actor

Sarah Teacher"Global Cool is such an energizing idea and non-profit... and incredibly impressively communicated and shared" - Sarah Teacher, Institute for Philanthropy

Ellie Stringer“Global Cool uses extensive market research to make carbon-saving cool rather than boring. I’m impressed" - Ellie Stringer, New Philanthropy Capital

Emma Harris"We really value our relationship with Global Cool. Their campaign to promote ‘Traincations’ was highly imaginative and in terms of positioning they are a great brand fit for us" - Emma Harris, Director of Sales & Marketing, Eurostar

Our supporters include: