Traincation (Spring 2010)
Air travel represents 10% of an average Brit’s carbon footprint.  Our Spring 2010 campaign aimed to encourage and enable our audience to consider a flight free holiday when planning to get away.  We took celebrities to different exciting locations around Europe on their own flight free holiday and filmed their experiences to show our audience that ‘traincations’ can be a fun and easy alternative to flying.

Making it cool
The campaign promoted holidaying by train as aspirational, fun and exciting.  We created films featuring celebrities including presenters Rick Edwards and George Lamb, Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills and singer Mr Hudson taking a flight free holiday in Europe.  These films not only demonstrate the range of exciting destinations that can be reached by train such as Amsterdam and Barcelona but also how the journey itself can be part of the holiday.  The films were distributed through our travel partners, social media and PR activity to encourage and inspire our audience and received significant press coverage.  Social networks such as Facebook, Bebo and Twitter were used to generate interest and establish the trend.

Making it easy
We worked with our travel partners, Eurostar, Rail Europe and Mr and Mrs Smith, to provide easy to use information about flight free holiday options, accommodation and attractions in cool locations across Europe as well as booking incentives to encourage the uptake of European train travel holidays.

Turn up the style, turn down the heat (Winter 2009/10)
Heating in the home makes up a large proportion of personal carbon emissions. Our winter 2009/10 campaign encouraged our audience to dress in warm, stylish knitwear and turn their thermostat down to 18° – tapping into interests in fashion, saving money and improving health.

Making it cool
We created a series of short, funny and compelling celebrity stylist & model videos to encourage and inspire our audience, featuring celebrity supporters including supermodels Stella Tennant and Laura Bailey, singer VV Brown, Jo and Leah Wood, and actor Adam Croasdell. The videos were syndicated out to numerous sites including ASOS, The Independent, Metro, The Telegraph, Hello! magazine, OK! magazine, Treehugger, and various online fashion blogs. We also created a competition on Facebook in which people submitted pictures of themselves in their favourite winter looks and their own tips for keeping warm. Other users voted for their favourite and the winner was treated to a new winter wardrobe from ASOS.

Making it easy
We offered guidance to our audience to help them understand their heating controls and use them more efficiently, something which many people find confusing and disabling. We also partnered with online fashion retailers to offer deals on the latest winter looks to help people keep warm at home, whilst enabling them to look great.

Do it in Public! (Summer 2009)
Personal car travel accounts for over 25% of the average Brit’s carbon footprint. Our summer 2009 campaign aimed to get more people on public transport. We attended four major UK music festivals, Wireless, Download, T in the Park and V Festival, leveraging our audience’s interests in music. We were able to communicate with a mass audience in an environment which is very relevant to public transport: audience travel makes up the majority of the average festival’s carbon footprint.

Making it cool
Our communications re-positioned public transport as a desirable and fun alternative to car travel. We focused on the adventures and the inspiration that can be had when journeying by bus and train, and the things you can do on buses and trains that you can’t do in a car. We took the Global Cool Bus onto the festival sites to connect directly with festival-goers. We spoke to over 60 bands backstage about their experiences of trains and buses. The resulting videos were distributed through websites, social networks, and the bands’ own sites, watched by over 200,000 people. We ran an animated ‘advert’ for public transport on screens on London Underground platforms, and partnered with Vice Magazine – a highly influential fashion and lifestyle magazine – to create an insert booklet full of musicians’ stories of public transport journeys.

Making it easy
Global Cool provided a UK-wide journey planner on our site to enable people to plan their journeys by public transport quickly and easily in one place.

Art of Swishing (Winter/Spring 2009)
The manufacture of clothing is one of the world’s most energy intensive industries but most people wear just 10% of their wardrobe 90% of the time before the unwanted clothes end up in the landfill.  Our campaign encouraged people to recycle unworn clothing through holding and attending swishing parties.

Make it cool
Our campaign aimed to show our audience that recycling clothes at ‘swishing’ parties not only lets them get their hands on some fabulous fashions for free but also have fun with their friends at the same time.  During London Fashion Week 2010 we hosted an after show party with Estethica, the ethical fashion initiative and held our own Global Cool swishing party at the prestigious Cumberland Hotel for competition winners.  Our compere, celebrity designer Scott Henshall, was on hand to give fashion tips and donated a £3500 dress worn by Paris Hilton to the party.  Other celebrity donators included Tara Palmer Tompkinson, Sandi Thom, Lisa Rogers, Gillian Anderson and Isabel Kristensen.  The campaign attracted press coverage in magazines such as OK! and Female First and showed our audience that recycling doesn’t need to be boring.

Make it easy
Global Cool provided information on how to set up swishing parties and links to online swapping sites to enable people to start swapping their unwanted clothes.

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Project GenieProject Genie - a programme that tackles climate change through children, based on the belief that children are one of the quickest routes to changing behaviours

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Ed Miliband"Global Cool does a great job" - Ed Miliband MP, Then Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change

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Emma Harris"We really value our relationship with Global Cool. Their campaign to promote ‘Traincations’ was highly imaginative and in terms of positioning they are a great brand fit for us" - Emma Harris, Director of Sales & Marketing, Eurostar

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