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Josh Hartnett, KT Tunstall and Tony BlairGlobal Cool is a green lifestyle campaign that inspires people to think differently about sustainable lifestyles. Global Cool works with the entertainment and media industries to show people how to live a greener life without compromising on the things they enjoy most.

Since launching in 2007, Global Cool Foundation has worked with celebrities including Orlando Bloom, Sienna Miller, Josh Hartnett, Kate Bosworth, KT Tunstall, HRH Prince Charles, Stephen Fry, Leonardo DiCaprio, Amitabh Bachchan, the Scissor Sisters, Jo and Leah Wood, T4’s Rick Edwards, Radio One’s Scott Mills, VV Brown, Mr. Hudson, Scott Henshall, Stella Tennant, Laura Bailey, and countless bands and artists on the festival circuit including McFly, Florence and the Machine, Keane and Paolo Nutini.

We’ve also gained support from politicians including former Prime Ministers Gordon Brown and Tony Blair, Mayor of London Boris Johnson and former Climate Change Secretary Ed Miliband.

All of our work is based on research, and we measure the impact of it all. The research and data on our impact assessment are all given on this site. You can read more about our impact assessment here.

Our recent campaigns have focused on the major sources of carbon which individuals can control:

  • Promoting recycling, specifically of clothes. We worked with London Fashion Week in February 2009, ethical fashion initiative Estethica and Monsoon to promote clothes swapping, aka ’swishing’. Find out more about our Swishing campaign here
  • Promoting public transport. In partnership with major music festivals across the UK, Vice magazine, CBS, and many bands and musicians, we asked our audience in Summer 2009 to ‘Do It In Public’. Find out more about our Do It In Public Campaign here
  • Getting people to use less heating at home. Various celebrities and helped us showcase fabulous warm Winter looks which enable people to turn down their heating. We talked about the financial savings from less heating, and how it’s better for your skin! A Facebook competition engaged thousands of people. Find out more about our ‘18 Degrees of Inspiration’ campaign here
  • Reducing flights, by promoting flight-free holidays. Working with Eurostar, Rail Europe and Mr & Mrs Smith hotels, we took various celebrities on flight-free holidays across Europe, and secured coverage of them in the likes of, The Sun and the News of the World, as well as 120 broadcasters. Find out more about our ‘Traincation’ campaign here

“We all need to rethink what our status symbols are. We have through the centuries come to admire people who are big energy consumers, and give them a lot of status. We need to invert that.” – Sir David King, former Government Chief Scientific Advisor

To find out more follow Global Cool on Twitter and Facebook or visit the Global Cool website here.

Our Campaigns

Global CoolGlobal Cool - a green lifestyle movement that works with the entertainment and media industries to inspire people to think differently about sustainable lifestyles

Projects We Support

Project GenieProject Genie - a programme that tackles climate change through children, based on the belief that children are one of the quickest routes to changing behaviours

Solar AidSolar Power in Africa - supporting the roll-out of solar technology in Zambia to give communities and households access to clean and renewable energy

Praise for the Global Cool Campaign

Ed Miliband"Global Cool does a great job" - Ed Miliband MP, Then Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change

Dame Suzi Leather"Global Cool is tackling one of the most important challenges facing humanity. What Global Cool is doing is brilliant" - Dame Suzi Leather, Chair, Charity Commission

Stephen Fry"I need guidance. I really want to do well, but I honestly don't know how to do well unless somebody tells me.... and that's where Global Cool has a future" - Stephen Fry, British Actor

Sarah Teacher"Global Cool is such an energizing idea and non-profit... and incredibly impressively communicated and shared" - Sarah Teacher, Institute for Philanthropy

Ellie Stringer“Global Cool uses extensive market research to make carbon-saving cool rather than boring. I’m impressed" - Ellie Stringer, New Philanthropy Capital

Emma Harris"We really value our relationship with Global Cool. Their campaign to promote ‘Traincations’ was highly imaginative and in terms of positioning they are a great brand fit for us" - Emma Harris, Director of Sales & Marketing, Eurostar

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