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Friday, February 4th, 2011 | Our Philosophy | No Comments

ipods“What’s the greenest product you know?”

“An iPod,” says my friend. Really? There’s plenty of controversy about Apple’s environmental performance.

But, fundamentally, the business model of music downloads includes very little carbon. Into the process comes making MP3 players and creating lots of server capacity; but out goes making loads of CDs, burning them, making plastic boxes for them to go in, putting the boxes on ships and talking the ships half way round the world.

And why are iPods so popular? Because of great design, good functionality and price. Steve Jobs – you have made us all into accidental environmentalists.

It’s the same thing with Kindles too: it’s better environmentally to read books online than to chop trees down and then drive them around to bookshops.

All of which shows that in order to get people to take up green behaviours you don’t need to tell them all about how green they are, you just need to design great products that happen to be intrinsically green.

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