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TED video: Global Cool’s Caroline Fiennes speaking on climate change at TEDx Warwick

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011 | Our Philosophy | No Comments

Global Cool’s Executive Director Caroline Fiennes spoke about our approach to tackling climate change at TEDx Warwick recently.

The talk focused on Global Cool‘s core principle: the need to sell low-carbon behaviours by focusing on the benefit to the individual – a message that seems particularly apt during Climate Week, which is aimed at people “wanting to do their bit to help climate change”.

Global Cool’s work reaches those who have no interest in “doing their bit”, who happen to be in the majority. If we’re to make the necessary cuts to emissions then it is vital that we engage these people. That’s why we take our lead from the way commercial products like iPhones and Kindles are promoted to consumers when we design Global Cool’s campaigns to promote green lifestyle choices.

You can watch Caroline Fiennes’ TEDx Warwick talk in full here…

If you have any opinions on this video or on any aspect of Global Cool’s approach to tackling climate change we’d love to read your views in the comment box below…

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Global Cool’s new website

Monday, July 5th, 2010 | Global Cool | 2 Comments

GC home pageWe launched a redesigned website for the Global Cool campaign couple of weeks ago.

The old website had been in existence for around 18 months and played a crucial role in establishing Global Cool and the work we do, particularly through our campaigns.

But Global Cool is a rapidly evolving organisation. We are constantly reassessing how we can best use the tools at our disposal to reduce carbon emissions.

In recent months we have been trying to get better at continuing to talk with our audience (or our friends as we prefer to call them) about our key messages – public transport, flight-free holidays, home energy use and recycling – once an initial campaign period is over.

To do this, we have turned the Global Cool website into an online magazine, moving away from the more traditional campaigning/charity website set-up. A magazine site not only allows us to carry several strands of content in addition to the main campaign, it also better reflects the needs and interests of our users.

All of Global Cool’s work is built on the notion that ‘Now People’, the segment of society we target, are not interested in climate change, and that the only way to get them to change their behaviour is to market climate-friendly behaviours to them in the same way as the commercial world does. Therefore it makes sense for us to carry our message via a medium that Now People recognise: a fun magazine site that talks about fashion, music, travel, sport, gadgets and lifestyle, rather than a charity website that talks about climate change, global warming and carbon.

The changes we have made to the website also reflect feedback from our audience via our surveys and focus groups. We hope that the new site will inspire more people to be greener by providing a richer experience for people who reach us whether through search engines or via our social media, PR and experiential activity.

You can visit the new Global Cool site here and we welcome any feedback in the comments below.

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