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global cool and daisy greenDaisy Green Magazine and Global Cool team up to take green living to the online masses

DaisyGreenMagazine.co.uk, the leading women’s ethically focussed e-zine, and GlobalCool.org, an online green lifestyle magazine, are thrilled to announce they will be partnering and collaborating on editorial and commercial projects.

As well as content collaboration, Daisy Green and Global Cool will work together on sponsorship, advertising and competition packages, providing a platform that will enable businesses to reach an audience of trendsetting fashionistas who are highly engaged with the content and ethos of these two growing online lifestyle destinations.

For over three years the Daisy Green Magazine team have been described as a cross between Sex and The City and The Good Life! Their aim is a simple one: to act as role models for women who wish to live a more ethical and sustainable life, but without preaching.

Global Cool’s ethos is exactly the same. They make sustainable living fun, sexy and aspirational by entertaining their audience with a lively mix of fashion news, lifestyle tips and celebrity gossip – all a far cry from the worthy guilt-tripping of most green campaigns.

With a shared belief that even the smallest changes add up to help protect the planet, these two green trendsetters are now aiming to take their Cool Green message farther and wider than ever before.

Nicola Alexander, founder of Daisy Green, said: “It makes so much sense to collaborate with another brilliant, likeminded business. Our message is really simple: ‘It’s Cool to be Green’ and so easy to make a difference. And for all those brands wishing to spread their green love, there is no better place to start than via Daisy Green and Global Cool.”

Chris Deary, Editorial Director of Global Cool, added: “We’ve long been admirers of Daisy Green. With their focus on fashion and beauty conscious females and our audience of celebrity culture vultures there’s a tremendous amount of crossover between the two sites. By collaborating we believe we can engage even more people with green living, whilst also creating a powerful platform for brands to communicate via.”

About Daisy Green
Daisy Green Magazine was founded over 3 years ago by Nicola Alexander as a means to bring ethical living to a wider mainstream audience showcasing brands that are produced with thought and integrity for both those who make them and the local environments in which they are made.

About Global Cool
Global Cool is run by the Global Cool Foundation, a not-for-profit that specialises in communicating sustainability to the mainstream. Since 2007 they have worked with celebrities, the entertainment industry and a number of major brands to promote green living to trendsetters, who hold the key to mass behaviour change and yet have been largely unreached by most green campaigns. Two years ago the Global Cool website was transformed into an online lifestyle magazine designed to make green living fun, easy and desirable.

Contact Details
For more information please contact Nicola Alexander, founder of Daisy Green – Nicola@daisygreenmagazine.co.uk; or Chris Deary, Editorial Director of Global Cool – chris.deary@globalcool.org, +44 (0) 8444 410 003

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