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How to Turn the Red Carpet Green Like Meryl Streep

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It seems that the clothes are almost as important as the films at the Oscars, so it was great to see so many stars wearing eco fashion. After all, as the star of this year’s awards, Meryl Streep, knows all too well – only The Devil Wears Prada.

Colin and Livia Firth – a long-time champion of sustainable fashion with her Green Carpet Challenge - both got on their eco glad rags. Mrs Darcy wore a Valentino dress made from recycled polyester and plastic bottles, while the King of last year’s Oscars donned his Tom Ford tux for the second year running – a form of recycling that is tantamount to fashion heresy in Hollywood.

But it was Meryl who stole the show in her eco-friendly Lanvin gown.

For those wanting to follow in the Iron Lady’s eco-friendly footsteps (we mean Meryl rather than Maggie, obvs) but unsure of where to start, there was plenty of eco fashion inspiration on display at London Fashion Week last week. Here are some of Global Cool‘s autumn/winter favourites from the Estethica exhibition

In the Quechua language, Pachacuti literally means ‘world upside-down’ and that’s exactly what the designers have done for the world of ethical fashion. From CO2-neutral packaging to organically grown fibres, this Fair Trade panama hats company is the epitome of sustainable style. This season we saw gorgeous felt hats added to the collection, and an entire range of irresistible soft alpaca wool knitwear and accessories – perfect for wrapping up warm this winter.

A new face for us this season was Makepiece - a knitwear company focussed on offering beautiful jumpers, dresses and accessories made from soft, ethical yarns and designed to be ahead of the trends, so they stay fashionable for longer. We love that all the wool comes from their very own flock of low-impact Shetland sheep, and one of the jumpers on display was even knitted from their oldest sheep Daisy Mae – she was the first ever bottle fed lamb and is now a venerable grandmother.

A long-standing Global Cool favourite Charini had a fresh new look for their Autumn/Winter collection. There was a stark contrast between the delicate, cream bridal range, and the darker, bondage-inspired range. Creator Charini Suriyage told us: “We wanted to use the designs to portray the female sense of power. One of the ranges mixes bondage with lace to show empowerment but still with a sense of sophistication and femininity.” All the underwear in the collection is made from sustainable material with no hooks, no elastic, no plastic or any unnecessary dying.

Junky Styling
We loved the fresh colours on display at the Junky Styling exhibition at London Fashion Week this season, which were quite a change from their usual designs. The mix of military jackets lined with bright Scottish blankets, created a strong colour-contrast. We particularly liked the red fringed jacket, made from recycled scarves. The ladies behind the scenes told us: “We’ve created dresses from suits, scarves and recycled silk tie materials and pieced them together in original patchwork designs.”

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The King speaks: Colin Firth on greening film

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colin firthWe announced our partnership with the British Independent Film Awards (BIFA) towards the end of last year. Among the people we spoke to about ‘greening’ film at the BIFAs was Colin Firth (see the video below).

With Colin picking up a Best Actor award at the Golden Globes last night for his most recent role, in the British film The King’s Speech, and with the film tipped to go on to great success at the Oscars, this seemed like an apt moment to reflect on Global Cool’s role in British film.

Global Cool is extremely pleased to be working with the British Independent Film Awards to help deliver advice for films makers about green behaviour and lifestyle placement in films. The concept of behaviour and lifestyle placement has grown out of the success of product placement in TV, films, books, music and celebrity culture in influencing brand popularity and shopping habits. Brands routinely ‘place’ their products in films, often paying large amounts for this. An example of this is seen in the film Valentine’s Day and Blackberry phones. It may be that products littering our screens, newspapers and radio waves soon become part of societal norms or that people aspire to be part of celebrity culture, either way, people emulate what they see and brands reap the profit returns.

The advantage of using ‘placement’ isn’t confined to brands and companies anymore. Treating pro-social and pro-environment lifestyles as a product, recently the NBC network has ‘placed’ and incorporated green living into its TV programmes, with group bike rides, recycled shopping bags, cardboard recycling obsessives and an Al Gore appearance as some examples. More recently than this, the charity Drinkaware has released research highlighting the excessive role alcohol plays in British Soaps. It is calling for healthier lifestyles to be demonstrated in British Soaps, as well as the negative impacts of drinking to be portrayed. It is believed that normalising the negative consequences of drinking will change social acceptance of excessive drinking.

Global cool agrees with “greening” our TVs and films and the positive impact it will have on viewers. The power of persuasion for living pro-environmentally should be harnessed, and Global Cool is excited to be a part of this in the British film industry.

What do you think about the idea of “greening” film and television?

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