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Using music, celebrities and books to promote public transport

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Do It In Public

Personal car travel accounts for over 25% of the average Brit’s carbon footprint. Global Cool’s Do It In Public campaign taps into our audience’s interests in music, being social and having fun to promote public transport as an alternative to driving. The campaign focuses on the adventures you can have on buses and trains as well as the ‘me-time public’ transport gives you to read, relax, listen to music, chat to friends or meet someone new!

Throughout 2009 and 2010 Global Cool attended music festivals up and down the country to talk to bands and artists about their adventures and ‘me-time’ on public transport. All the films were distributed online and continue to be published weekly revealing new top celeb stories. To connect directly with festival goers in 2009, we took the Global Cool Bus on-site and also worked with Vice Magazine to create an insert booklet full of musicians’ stories of public transport journeys. In 2010 our campaign focused on the ‘me-time’ that travelling by public transport affords to read, relax and meet new people. Global Cool launched a book club on Twitter that encouraged people to catch up on the latest releases while on the move.

This year we are using Spotify to create the ultimate playlists for every major music festival this summer. On the website for each festival we have published travel guides, links to the playlists and a travel light tip to help make Doing It In Public on the way to a festival as fun as possible for our readers. Global Cool have collaborated with Fairshare Music, to create weekly Music In Public top 10 lists available for download. We have also continued our Books In Public segment on the website with weekly book recommendations and reviews.

What do you think about our Do It In Public campaign?

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