The public’s rejection of data reinforces Global Cool’s approach

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Angelina JolieWe need to inspire people to lead greener lives, not lecture them and confuse them with data

Belief in climate change is declining significantly – from 80 per cent in 2006 down to 62 per cent in 2010, according to a recent YouGov poll. And there is a similar trend in the US too, where it is down nine per cent during the same period.

This drop in belief is worrying, not least because carbon emissions continue to rise. What’s going on?

Well, since Al Gore’s film, An Inconvenient Truth, was released in 2006, people have seen more data and stats about climate change. Generally speaking, most people don’t like stats. And there’s also been the controversy surrounding both the climate science data and the failure of international negotiations.

But nonetheless, we still need the public to cut their carbon by leading greener lifestyles. That’s why Global Cool takes a very different approach to the standard data-driven arguments.

In order to get the fastest possible take-up of low-carbon behaviours, Global Cool’s campaign ‘markets’ those behaviours to a section of the population known as ‘Now People’. According to research by the Institute for Public Policy Research and the market researchers Cultural Dynamics, Now People are the most influential segment to making behaviours mainstream.

Now People are not interested in carbon, climate or the environment. So, instead of lecturing and confusing them with statistics and data, we aim to inspire and amuse them. We do this by encouraging and enabling them to change their behaviour, not by bombarding them with data. Our campaigns point out the fun and adventure of green lifestyle options, instead of boring them or scaring them with statistics. Global Cool is the only organisation in the UK which is tackling climate change in this powerful way.

In 2009 Campaign Strategy said: “Gaining the support of Now People is crucial in any campaign. Sadly, few campaigns resonate for Now People… most get put in the ‘not yet’, ‘too worthy’ ‘too dull’ and ‘too complicated’ boxes. Global Cool – this is how Now People think. Note how different [it] is from most campaigns.”

Two participants in one of our recent focus groups gave this feedback on our work:

“Carry on not being preachy, and carry on being fun!”

“It told me things that were interesting without any pushiness…”

Agree? Disagree? Feel free to share your views on this in the comments section below…

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