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Individuals directly and indirectly account for 75% of carbon emissions. Encouraging people to make simple lifestyle changes would have a major impact on climate change. Traditional climate change comms have only appealed to a small minority of people, and have completely failed to engage the mainstream. As a result, climate change hasn’t gone away.

Global Cool Foundation takes a fresh approach. We target society’s trendsetters rather than preach to the converted. Trendsetters influence people. They’re looked up to, listened to, admired and emulated. They influence attitudes, opinions, behaviours and habits. They’re noticed and they’re copied.

We’ve developed an innovative approach to creating content and comms that repositions green lifestyle choices as fun, sexy and aspirational – see GlobalCool.org to find out how.

We partner with like-minded organisations to inspire people to adopt green behaviours. We have helped our partners achieve their sustainability objectives by creating and providing:

  1. Behaviour change campaigns
  2. Bespoke digital content
  3. Communications consultancy
  4. Audience research and insights
  5. Advertising and sponsorship on GlobalCool.org

Working with the likes of Vodafone, Rail Europe, Eurostar, London Fashion Week, several music festivals, Britain’s Next Top Model Live, British Independent Film Awards and many more we have created a wide range of high-quality, engaging comms that have reached millions of people traditionally turned off by the language that so often surrounds climate change.

We’ve also worked with DEFRA to measure our impact. See the results here.

Work With Us

Together we can make a real difference in preventing climate change. If you’d like to work with us to communicate green lifestyles and sustainability to the mainstream, call +44 (0) 8444 410 003 or drop us an email.

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We run Global Cool, the only online magazine in the UK truly inspiring the mainstream to live greener

We create content about music, fashion, celebrity and lifestyle trends. We use this content to inspire people normally turned off by climate change to lead greener lives. We reached more than 200,000 people in 2011 and we don't preach to the converted. In fact, 93% of our audience say we are the only green organisation they engage with.

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