Climate Week: Green comms need to reach those not interested in “doing their bit” too

Thursday, March 24th, 2011 | Our Philosophy

This week is Climate Week, aimed at people “wanting to do their bit to help combat climate change.” At Global Cool we aim to reach people who are not interested in “doing their bit”. That’s why we’ve launched a paper and a TEDx video (below) this week.

The group of people who are untouched by events like Climate Week are in the majority – so although climate change no longer has an awareness problem, it does have a marketing problem. If we’re to make the necessary cuts in emissions, we need everybody to take up low-carbon lifestyles, not just those who want to “do their bit”.

Remember that old adage “if what you’re doing isn’t working, you’d better do something else”? Well, for two years now, Global Cool has been doing something else – ‘selling’ low-carbon behaviours by focusing on the benefits to the individual.

Global Cool’s new paper – Selling Green Lifestyles: Results from Two Years’ Innovation – discusses the theory underlying our approach, the results of our campaigns (which we’re meticulous about measuring) and the key learnings. It’s not an arduous read: only six pages, and that includes a load of pictures & graphs.

The video is Global Cool’s Executive Director Caroline Fiennes presenting this approach recently at TEDx – learning lessons from iPhones, Kindles, scooters, dental care and jokes.

We’re sharing this material with you – our peers and partners – in the hope that it is helpful for you, so please do forward it around liberally. We would love your thoughts and reactions.

To view the white paper, please click here

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